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Your own secret weapon for getting things done.

Welcome to my page! I heard you are looking for someone to help you with your loads? Perhaps an online assistant, a work companion or a friend?

Let’s start the work as a Team and finish it like we are a family. 

You can count on me, let us help you lighten your load. I got you fam!

Help is only a Virtual Assistant away.

Kamusta ka?

My name is Lady...

“Kamusta Ka” in English means “How are you?” I hope everything is well. I am Lady Mariestel del Mundo and you may call me “Lara”.

I have been in VA industry quite recently I started working  as a VA in VAU last April 2022. Before VAU, I have been working as HR Professional for almost 15 years. I have experienced mostly all facets of HR but currently specializing Compensation and Benefits. 

As part of my previous job, I learned how to interact with different kinds of people in different nationalities, faces and personalities. I  love working and rubbing elbows with other people. And collaborate towards a common goal.

I always believe that all jobs require hardwork, but loving your job means embracing good work values. Collaborate with your mind and heart, respect everyone around you. Love the work that you do and it will definitely love you back.  

Let’s work together and let’s rise above the rest!

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We can work together to get things done.

Say goodbye to stress! We’ll do it all because you deserve the best!

Let us take the burden off of your shoulders and let us help you manage your digital channels. Grow your business’ online presence with a social media virtual assistant, while you involve yourself as much or as little as you want.

graphic design virtual assistant

Have you been searching for a way to get some graphic design off your plate?

You need quality help that will handle your business with the same care that you would give it. There are a lot of people you can hire who can do a lot of things to make your life easier

But there’s one particular person who can really take that load off your shoulders – a graphic design virtual assistant.

  1. Facilitate Seamless Live Communication
  2. Make Customer Service Available 24/7
  3. Save Time and Money
  4. Reduce People-to-People Interactions with Customers
  5. Eliminate Tedious Time-Consuming Tasks

These are just some of the benefits of having Chatbot application in your business. Contact us and we will let you know more about this 🙂

chatbot vs virtual assistant

VAU Team of video editing virtual assistants is always committed to providing our global clients with the best quality video editing services within a quick time. video editing virtual assistant

Best WordPress hostingThe website is important for you because this is the door to fame for your company. This is the place where people can grow their first impression about the products you sell. So, a better idea would be to hire a WordPress virtual assistant or VA to look after the needs of the website.

Bee8 Digital Studio - Clickfunnels Virtual Assistant Services

If you are interested in digital marketing and e-commerce, or you are trying to build your online business, you must have heard of Click Funnels. Atomized sales and e-mail collection process make your business more efficient. You may use Click Funnels to draw traffic to your website and increase awareness about your brand. Click Funnels can help you achieve many business goals. Contact us for more information.


As an entrepreneur, you will often need a great deal of help behind the scenes so that you can focus your attention on building a successful business.

Let us help your business grow and enjoy these benefits! 

1. High-quality content creation and submission
2. Helps to manage the store efficiently
3. Digital marketing services
4. Blog and content creation services
5. Customer support



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