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Hi, my name is Jeneva. We all know that FAMILY TIME is important but it can be difficult to get enough quality time with them when your business is starting a business venture. But when you hire a virtual assistant, you can be sure that family time is not limited to occasional family trips and have enough time every day to sit at the dining table and have good communication. talk to your family without neglecting your business.

And that’s exactly my purpose to you so it’s time for you to get professionals to look after your business and help you scale.

I can surely help you in many ways . . .

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● Website Creation
● Website Creation w/ SEO

Social Media

● Facebook Page/Group | Instagram
● Youtube | Pinterest


● Photo Editing
● Audio Editing
● Video Editing

Gen. Admin Task

● Lead Generation

You are probably thinking what are tools and software that I use.


This are just some of the tools and software that I use.

For sure you're now eager to see the samples of my work.


Lead Generation 80%
Monetization 70%
Social Media Marketing 75%
Real Estate 65%
E-commerce 70%
Automation 60%
Clickfunnels 70%
Video & Audio Editing 75%

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